I liked the graphics, when I first saw a reproduction of Dürer's print "Melancholia". It was in early childhood. At that moment I saw a definite beauty of black and white images. Graphics became for me not just a way of expressing the idea of an artist but a state of mind. A special kind of art, which you would feel first mentally, and then emotionally. When I was contemplating the "Melancholy", I have realized that what Dürer wanted to say was possible to express only in black. Graphics became for me a melancholic art. This is a state of mind when your emotions and feelings disappear, meanwhile your thoughts become clearer. Your view of life become impartial and abstract. Time stops and the world freezes. Colors fade and shade away. At this point the world design becomes visible, the mental design. There are no feelings here. There are only outlines of objects, pointing to them. This is a kind of world lattice, to which the color spots are stripped. And when the world becomes colorful, it starts to move. And this time the world comes alive.