Glass Outlook

Everything starts with a thought. When you are thinking you create the view from which you act. That is, first you are thinking over everything you saw, heard and felt. You are analyzing this. But we all see and feel differently. So everyone looks at the world through a kind of prism, a glass or a window. Let it be a window. And the glass in this window changes all the time. It is dirty or clean. Colored or transparent. Maybe a large magnifying glass is placed instead of a usual glass. It reduces or increases what is seen in the window. Perhaps the glass is actually broken and shards are sticking up the frame along its perimeter like knives. Or a mirror has been inserted instead of glass. And then you see only yourself and have no idea that there is another world. You are looking through a window. You are observing. Something is hidden from you under a thick layer of dust, or you don't look through the window at all, because you are fascinated by snowy pattern after frost. But it also happens that there is no glass at all. And you can see absolutely everything in the window opening. So you are amazed and keep silence. Perhaps at this moment you have no thoughts. And no opinions even more so. 
Fragment out of the picture "Glass", Merkulova Irina, oil and canvas, 2016.